Welcome to the site and thank you for stopping by.  We are really excited to get things off the ground and to have a place to share our passions with you.  Drop us a note and let us know you have been by the site.  Let us know what we can do to improve as well as how we can help you become a better fisherman or woman.

Now get out there, find some open water, and catch some fish.  The spring creeks are looking fantastic!!
Mark Rothrock
2/1/2010 10:51:06

It is about time you have a site! Thanks for all the tips on the river. As soon as the ice clears up, I'm heading out to Erie to try my newly developed skills.

Good luck with everything!


Danny Ross
2/2/2010 08:22:58

Looking good Billy boy!

2/3/2010 06:20:20

looks great, great domain name. only suggestion would be to ditch all the bead pics. other than that your set.

2/7/2010 16:26:25

Nice site Bill... I look forward to checking out one of your small stream rod builds...

Mark D Luedke
4/16/2010 07:40:16

Looking forward to what you have to say. I am just getting into center pin fishing. Been fly fishing for the past 30 years.

8/8/2010 10:38:32

love the site

Pat Hollander
4/5/2011 07:58:34

Just got my trout pinner the other day took it out for the season opener!!!! 11 fish in under an hour out of the same hole. Im a believer!!!!


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