On Saturday I took advantage of the closed regular trout season on our local pa trout waters to explore some new waters under special regulation with my buddy Ric.  We arrived late in the afternoon to find the water had been thoroughly fished by anglers using all sorts of methods.  Of the anglers we spoke to on our way to the stream, most had landed a few while fishing and had found success using fly and spinning tackle.   

We arrived to find the stream running a bit high and slightly off color due to the melting snow… Perfect!  Shortly after arriving at the stream I met my first trout from this new and beautiful stream.  It was a spirited rainbow.  Shortly after, a second and a third.  It's always impressive to experience the result of effective fishing techniques and presentations.  Fishing this stream with the Troutpinner using float fishing techniques was no exception.    

Eager takers were found on Jigs, flys and globugs under a 2g float tied to 3lb blackbird florocarbon.  Ric also found success working a small plug on ultra light spinning tackle plying the riffles and deeper pool sections. 

Ric and I decided to leave fish and spend the remainder of daylight hiking the new stream to get a better idea of what it had to offer which should pay off on our next visit. 

 Just wanted to mention it was really nice meeting a few of you fellows who were fishing that day. Also I want to congratulate Dave on his first trout on a fly rod.  Fly or Pin, it’s all about the drift.  The fish will let you know when you have it right.  Look forward to seeing you guys in the future! 

3/8/2010 15:08:32

Thanks for the post Bill. What Bill doesn't say is that for every fish I saw caught by someone else, Bill caught at least 10.
Centerpin (or is it Center Pin?) fishing is really remarkable. Bill fishing these small streams with the Dead Drift Rod Company's (DRCC) TroutPinner is even more remarkable. Actually, it is almost sick.
If anyone whats to learn how to catch a fish on nearly every cast, be it fly fishing, or on the center pin, shoot Bill an email. He should be officially guiding soon on our local waters.

Also, if you are interested in hitting the Salmon River in NY for drop backs, now is the time to book with him. When it happens, it happens very fast, so drop him a line so you don't miss out on a 5+ fish day of 10+lb fish!



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